metabolicMine integrates data from a large number of sources into a single data warehouse. This page lists the data that are included in the current release. Many more data sets will be added in future releases, please contact us if there are any particular data you would like to see included.

The following data are loaded in the metabolicMine BETA:

Type Source Organisms Version
Genome sequence and annotation Ensembl Human, Mouse Ensembl 67
SNPs Ensembl (including dbSNP, HGMD, COSMIC) Human Ensembl 67 (dbSNP 135)
GWAS HuGE navigator (including GWAS catalog) Human August 2012
Gene names and symbol HGNC, NCBI, MGI, RGD Human, Mouse, Rat August 2012
Protein sequence and annotation UniProt Human, Mouse July 2012
Protein domains InterPro Human, Mouse July 2012
Gene Ontology UniProt, MGI, GO Consortium Human, Mouse July 2012
Pathways Reactome Human, Mouse July 2012
Pathways KEGG Human, Mouse May 2011
Protein localisation Human Protein Atlas (HPA) Human (v.9.0) Nov 2011
Gene expression ArrayExpress Atlas (experiment E-MTAB-62) Human June 2011
Interactions IntAct Human, Mouse July 2012
Interactions BioGRID Human, Mouse 3.1.90 (July 2012)
Publications NCBI PubMed (gene to PubMed id mappings) Human, Mouse August 2012
Disease OMIM Human July 2012
Orthologues Ensembl Compara Human, Mouse, Rat Ensembl 67
Alleles MGI Mouse August 2012